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A Little Bit About the Owners


Music Junkie Studios is a local music project founded by Kristi and Edwin Judd.


Edwin is a Fort Worth native who is proud to be contributing to growth of the arts and small business in his hometown. With extensive background in business operations, management, and finance, he is excited and passionate about arts education. A great lover of music, Edwin is actively fostering the professional, fun, creative, encouraging culture we enjoy at Music Junkie Studios.


Kristi is a Fort Worth transplant- born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She moved to DFW shortly before she and Edwin married and has fallen in love with the city and it's culture. Kristi has dedicated her life to the advancement of the arts- specifically music education. Kristi earned her Bachelors degree in Music at Clayton State University in Atlanta, with emphasis on education, voice, and piano. She has been teaching music for 8 years in many different venues and comes directly from managing a thriving studio in south Atlanta.

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