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Music Junkies are routinely asked our opinion on certain brands of music gear and products we would recommend. We’re always happy to help but as you can imagine, the spectrum of brands and products is never ending. We thought it important to share with you the brands we rely on as working professional musicians. You’ll notice we all have varying tastes and preferences, but this list is a really great place to start when considering new music products for yourself or your student.

Kristi’s favorite apps

We are consistently aiming to make practice interactive and fun. Great teachers can find fun, interesting modes of practice, relevant repertoire, and diverse methods that keep a student interested in music. If you’re a student of mine, chances are you’ve already been using one or more of these apps in your lessons. Take a few minutes and check out the whole list!

Musicnotes App

Access your entire library of Musicnotes sheet music and guitar tab files.

Use built-in pen, highlight and type tools to mark up your sheet music.

Use playback to hear the music and see the notes light up as you go.

Change the tempo of your playback as you listen.

Selectively mute or adjust volume of separate instruments and parts.

Listen to a new free song added every month.

Experience better clarity with high resolution sheet music.

Turn pages easily and jump to any page.

Organize your music in folders and set lists.

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