6.21.2016 Newest Technology in Music

Music technology has come so far. Today, there are numerous amounts of new technologies that are being produced to improve the quality of music. New technology is being produced at a rapid state and some of the newest inventions are quite intriguing.

One of the newest inventions that is being created at the moment is called, “The V Motion Project.” Specialists are working together to create a certain type of machine that will turn motion into music! How cool is that? In the beginning designers used a kinect camera to detect the movements of the musician. As research progressed the designers used the BiKinect project and began to modify it into something even stronger. The BiKinect software allows a musician to control powerful audio software by only using the movements of their body.

Another new invention in progress is called, “MI.MU Glove for Music.” This new product will allow people to step out of a traditional society of music and interact more with the people around them. This new “glove” is supposed to  capture the movements and postures of your hands and new software allows this information to be mapped to musical control messages which can then be easily routed to your favorite music software. Imagine pointing to a random spot in a room and producing the type of sound you want. This makes it more enjoyable to watch, making it easier for your audience to connect with what you’re doing. The goal of this new glove is to break down the never ending barriers between musicians and machines and also between performers and audiences.

The newest technology for a bluetooth speaker is called, “The Big Turtle Shell.” The speaker even looks like its name! This new speaker is water resistant and it uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It can connect with any Iphone, Ipad, laptop, etc.. The speaker gives you the best wireless and audio experience in any setting from the beach to the water park. It streams the most pristine audio from a range of over 30 feet and will play for circa 16 hours on a single battery charge. One of the coolest effects is the fact that you can also place the Big Turtle Shell on its side for directional sound not unlike other traditional normally shaped speakers.

All in all technology has come so far today and it has enhanced the way music is heard and produced in a positive way. There are so many new wonderful inventions that have contributed to making music better and our world of music is becoming brighter each day.

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