Mini Interview with Austin Kroll

Austin is one of Music Junkie’s former fabulous guitar and bass instructors. He is very talented and he loves teaching people of all ages. This mini interview tells us more about why Austin chose to teach music as a career and how he found his passion for it.

How did you find your passion for music?

I think the origins of it was listening to a background television noise on Tom and Jerry.

What inspired you to pursue music as a career?

I’d say the reason why I wanted to pursue music as a career was that I was just always compelled and overwhelmed by music, and it’s something that I love with this immense feeling. It’s something I want to share with everybody.

What is the first instrument you learned and why did you choose it?

Trombone! The reason why I wanted to start playing trombone was because I was introduced to Ska music. So, Ska music was this… a lot of upstrokes, fast pumped.. sounding style with horns, and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

What is your goal as a music instructor?

To have my students understand how to tap in to what they WANT to tap into when it comes to playing- whatever instrument it is. Whether it be trumpet, kazoo, or guitar.. Laying the ground work and helping them out and letting them have fun with it, because it IS fun!

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