Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize in Literature

Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize in Literature

This past week, a huge controversy had been sparked in music history! Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature. He is the second American to win this type of award since Toni Morrison in 1993. Dylan is the first Musician to win this amazing honor and he was competing with the likes of Haruki Murakami and Ngugi wa Thiong’o.

Many people are upset because they believe Nobel Prize winners should be people who write works of standard literature, not music. I believe the Nobel Prize for literature shouldn’t be limited to people who only write poetry or novels. Music works in a similar way as poetry, the only difference being that musical melodies are added to the poetry. Bob Dylan won this prize for a reason, even if he was competing with intimidating poets and novelists.

Dylan expressed his feelings about politics through some of his songs. One of these songs is called, ‘Masters of War.’ In this song, Dylan uses lyrics like, “You fasten the triggers / For others to set fire / Then you sit back and watch / when the death count gets higher,” to express his feelings about the Vietnam War.

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