Bye 102.1!

Closing Time

We’ve got unfortunate news.

If you tune in to 102.1 FM today, you’ll hear the song “Closing Time” by Semisonic on repeat. That’s because the popular Alternative Rock station, The Edge, is no longer in service. The station had a good long run of 27 years.

Many are questioning why the station had to end. The truth is that there weren’t enough listeners. Newer competing stations popped up and not enough young people wanted to listen to the music the station had to offer. They played songs from bands like Nirvana, the Cure, and R.E.M. Sadly, these bands have begun to decline in popularity with high-school and college age young people, although older generations are still interested in them.

The Edge listeners will now have to satisfy themselves with sister station 91.7 The Eagle. The Eagle plays mainly rock music, but they do play some songs that were regularly played on The Edge.

102.1 FM is gone. We have enjoyed listening to the station over the years and are sad to see it go. Hopefully a new station will come around and take The Edge’s place. For now, you’ll catch me listening to The Eagle!


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