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Finding Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers can be difficult sooooooo I’ve made a list of my favorite gift ideas for the music lovers on your list!

I won’t be touching on my favorite gear per say, because there’s already a post for that!

Click HERE to skip to the post where we lay out our favorite gear/brands we work with and rely on.

1) Obviously, my favorite stocking stuffer idea is a Music Junkie Studios Gift Card. Customise the amount, select from a wide array of services, or let the recipient choose! We are happy to serve all ages and experience levels. We currently offer lessons on guitar, bass, piano, violin, voice, drums, recording, and songwriting. We also offer event music- think weddings, graduation parties, company parties, holiday parties, music festivals….

Enough with the shameless plug! Here are some more gift ideas 🙂

2) Personalized Guitar Picks

Guitar picks are the perfect stocking stuffer! Picks are a tool that every guitarist loves to have a healthy supply of and they come in compact packaging. There are tons of websites that let you customize your picks to perfectly suite the guitarist on your list.  Check out this Guitar Pick Punch on Amazon! For only $16, you can make a lifetime supply of picks out of just about any flat, sturdy material.

3) Leather Guitar Strap

Chances are, the guitar player in your family already has a guitar strap. But who doesn’t love a snazzy upgrade? A leather strap will enhance the comfort of playing while standing and look great too. I’m a fan of brown worn leather, but a Johnny Cash style black strap is always a dashing accessory.

4)Vinyl Records & Player

You might have noticed that vinyl has made a comeback. Warm up the holidays this year by gifting some good ol’ vinyl! Vintage records are super cool, but many artists are offering their new music on vinyl now as well! Maybe gift a mix of old and new favorites. Plus who doesn’t love album art?

Record players can get pricey, but there are some great deals out there! Target has a sale going right now, Urban Outfitters always has a great deal of variety in stock, and Amazon has more than a few to look through on their listings with Prime Membership .

5) Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or iTunes Giftcard

Giftcards are always a favorite. If the music lover on your list favors a certain music streaming company, hook them up with a few months for free! iTunes, of course, is best for purchasing music instead of streaming.

6) Music Composition Book

Every muscian must have something they write all of their greatness in. Why not buy a personalized composition book for them? This Etsy Shop carries all sort of color combos!

7) New Gig Bag

These are the coolest soft guitar cases I’ve seen and I WANT THEM ALL. Hard cases are great and all, but sometimes we just need to express our inner hippie/ rocker/ metal head!

8) Fancy Shmancy Recording Mic

For the aspiring singers, imagine how much fun they’d have with this (intro level) recording mic setup for only 40 BUCKS! SO many home recording sessions, y’all!

9) Desk Bells

You didn’t think I’d leave out the littles did you? Walmart has a great deal on these desk bells right now. They’re easy to play, super durable, and I can hook you up with all kinds on music to play on them- even Star Wars, folks.

10) Home Goods

Musicians love stuff that looks like music gear. I found a cool door mat that look like an amp, some coasters that look like records, and a cat scratch pad that makes it look like Mr. Whiskers is spinning some laid back beats for your listening pleasure.

That’s all I’ve got, folks! Good luck and get shopping! 

I’ll have one of each, please 🙂



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