Recognizing Quality Guitar’s

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When it comes to buying guitars, nobody wants a guitar of bad quality or sound. People typically want the best type of guitar that they can get their hands on however, many guitars can be super pricey. Guitars can be found in a price range from thirty dollars to thousands of dollars.

The crazy thing is that guitars can sound really similar even though the prices definitely aren’t. In Paul Davis’s youtube video, he explains how an expensive Martin D-42 can sound quite similar to his Motion TD 107 (which is pretty cheap). The Martin is around $6,000 and the Motion is about $150. Throughout the video, Davis plays each guitar numerous amounts of times and changes song selections and playing styles as well.

In the video, one can see how each guitar sounds slightly differently. The Martin has a brighter quality and fuller tone, however the sounds each guitar makes are very similar, considering the price difference. One of the main differences between the two guitars is that the Motion makes more apparent clicking noises. The Martin plays more smoothly, but the sounds coming from the guitars are not greatly different.

All in all, when it comes to picking out guitars, one shouldn’t solely base their opinion on the price and brand of the guitar. There are many guitars out there that are inexpensive and make almost the same sounds as a really expensive guitar like the D-42 Martin, especially when handled by a skilled player.

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