The Millennial Whoop


The Millennial Whoop

“You’ve probably heard this musical phrase before. And you’re still probably hearing it crop up in places, like in ‘Ivy,’  the second track on Frank Ocean’s new album. What’s happening here? There’s a shift from the fifth note in a scale to the third note, and then back to the fifth. Musician Richard Metzger noticed this trend and called it the Millennial Whoop. And it’s everywhere. Music, especially pop music, is based on patterns. It makes new songs feel familiar, because you’ve basically heard them before. Alternating notes across a particular interval isn’t something new. (Que Beethoven) Even birds do it. But this is a very specific interval and sound that has become incredibly common over just the past few years. How long will it last? It depends if people get tired of hearing it.”

Watch the Video Here

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