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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to own my own instrument?

It is essential to have regular access to an instrument, whether you rent one or buy your own so you can practice at home. If you play piano, it is perfectly fine to purchase a keyboard. We can assist you in finding an instrument to buy or rent.

2. Does Music Junkie Studios sell instruments or equipment?

We sell merchandise like T-shirts, notebooks, and curriculum books, but no instruments or gear.

3. So where should I buy an instrument?

There are several options when it comes to picking out an instrument. If you are looking for a brand new instrument, Guitar Center is the place to go, but don’t forget to bartar! Many don’t know that you aren’t always stuck accepting the full advertised price at Guitar Center. If they won’t budge on price, they’re bound to bend on the extra goodies like a case, strap, or strings!  Another option is to get a used instrument on Amazon, Craigslist, or Ebay. Always take caution on these websites, but I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t found many a great deal on high quality instruments.

4. Are there any particular instrument models you recommend?

Follow THIS LINK to a previous blog post, Music Junkies Favorite Apps and Gear, where Music Junkie instructors give you the low down on their favorite music instruments and other gear.

5. How long or often should I practice each week?

This is a tricky question and the answer isn’t going to be the same for each instrument or age. Consult your instructor for age appropriate practice schedules.

6. Which instructor is the most qualified for my needs?

We hire only highly educated, qualified, and dynamic instructors. We have a distinct culture at our studio that emphasizes our belief that students should choose the type of music they want to learn. Our instructors don’t discriminate against any type or genre of music, even if it isn’t their personal favorite.

7. Does scheduling correlate with the public school calendar?

Not at all. While many of our students are school aged, just as many are not. Please also note that “Semester Tuition” is simply a discounted rate for a commitment of four months. We offer this option year-round.

8. Is it ok to drop my kids off for their lesson?

Yes, BUT please do not drop your student off before their lesson time unless you call or stop in personally to make those arrangements. Music Junkie Studios does not accept responsibility for unattended children outside of their lesson time. There should be a parent or guardian present promptly after every lesson so the instructor can discuss students progress.

9. What happens if a teacher cancels a lesson?

Teacher cancelations are rare, however, you are always guaranteed a make up lesson and we will work with you and your schedule.

10. Is there a fee for participation in performances?

No! We believe performance is important for the students growth and progress. Music Junkie Studios does not charge fees for participation in performances and we never will.

11. What is Bandaoke?

Bandaoke is a signature Music Junkie Event where we host karaoke with our live band. We aim to host them monthly. The next Bandaoke event is on October 8 from 8PM-10PM at ArtsGoggle on Park Place.

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