Hurricane Harvey Relief


As I reflect on hurricane Harvey and the devastation that swept thru our proud state of Texas, my thoughts gravitate to the aftermath and cleanup efforts going on down south. I am sure we all either have family or friends we have been concerned about, and have also great pride for the many men and women giving time to a good cause. It does make my heart swell to see how once again, this state has rallied around relief efforts. The pictures we have seen, does not do justice to actually what all is happening today. You never really give thought to the basic human need in this situation. Creature comforts daily taken for granted until they are washed away, and families are left in what I can only imagine as some kind of aftermath limbo. Many with damaged homes, if they have homes at all. Food, clean water, basic hygiene products, a place to lay your head at night. Or the families who tried to ride the storm out, trapped, not knowing when and if anyone is coming to help. So again my mind and heart think about all the people aiding in this task. They all are heroes, the policeman, the firemen, EMTs, volunteers, everyone and anyone lending a hand, you all definitely deserve hugs and handshakes.

Area musicians are also rallying in the relief efforts as well. An organization has been created, the Texas Music Flood, with help from musician and promoter Bucky Bachmeyer, have as of late, booked around 20 venues in the Texas state. The plan originally called for Texas talent to take place on October 8th. As the need for relief grew, more and more venues asked to be added. With larger events planned in the larger cities of Houston and San Antonio, they hope to attract larger well-known talent. Additional dates on October 15th and the 29th have also been added. Though the majority of talent booked are from Texas,  Bachmeyer assures that all talent and artists are welcome. Bachmeyer is also working closely with the Governors office, who are providing support and contact info. The goal is to raise 100 million dollars to aid in Hurricane Harvey relief. The Michael and Susan Dell foundation have donated a whopping 36 million dollars.


Hurricane season is not finished with us yet it seems. As I write about relief efforts going on here in Texas, we know of at least three more active hurricanes causing destruction around the globe.

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