Village Venues Night

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We are super excited about our upcoming event, Village Venues Night! Instead of the standard concert recital, we often choose to spice it up. We have asked our neighbors here in Park Place Village to help us make this event special. With the help of Chadra Mezza Grill and The Winehaus, it’s sure to be a memorable event for all.

The fun begins on Saturday, October 13th at 6 pm. We will have students stationed at various venues and will perform for family, friends, proud instructors, as well as members of the community enjoying their time on our street. Winehaus will be serving up some wine specials for the event, Chadra will be serving food at their location, AND you will also be able to eat from a small Chadra menu at Winehaus! Performances will be happening simultaneously at Chadra and The Winehaus and you should feel free to roam around to either venue.

So come out and enjoy talented student performances and food and fare from Chadra Mezza and Winehaus! We are excited to have them share in this event and look forward to seeing everyone come out!

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