Meet the Intern

Say hello to Vince. Vince is a 14-year-old student at Fort Worth Montessori School and we recently had the opportunity to have this kind young man in the studio for a week to shadow one of our most senior instructors, Ray! The 8th graders at FWMS recently participated in a project known as Internship week where students find a place they feel they would like to work and intern there for a week, allowing the eighth graders to see what it is like to be in the workforce they’re considering. Vince met our instructor Ray while He was substitute teaching for the music teacher at FWMS. Vince loves music and can play the guitar, and he thought interning here at the studio would be interesting and fun.

Vince listened, observed, and learned what it was like to work in a music studio. He had the unique experience to see the business from all sides- from the business at the desk, to the instructor’s preparations, the student’s unique experience and the dynamic relationship between all these factors.

Vince writes: I’ve learned a lot while being in the studio this week! Ray touches on different techniques and teaching styles and I’m really interested in learning how those techniques are applied to different students and I enjoy seeing first hand how it helps in the learning process. I’ve decided that being a music teacher looks pretty tough, but really rewarding at the same time! There is a lot more to teaching than just teaching. Patience, listening to a student, and positive encouragement are essential tools in being a teacher. It takes a special and gifted person.

We really enjoyed having Vince around the studio. Experiencing his kind spirit, positive attitude, and cheerful enthusiasm are some of the biggest reasons why we love what we do here! We love sharing our love of music with students any way we can.

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