I’m sitting here with hands VIBRATING WITH EXCITEMENT and just because I’m at a coffee shop does not mean it’s the caffeine 😉 .

Here’s the deal. I am pumped. And here’s why:

We’ve been working for SO LONG on a concept that is going to completely change the game for our students and IT’S FINALLY HERE!!

We’re proud to present: The Music Junkie Master Class!

There will be a theme for each Master Class series and that theme will work to serve our students in ways that 1 on 1 lessons just can’t.

BUT let me make one thing really clear- I do NOT believe in traditional ”group lessons,” so you can bet your bottom dollar that we won’t be offering any of those as a Master Class.

What’s a traditional group lesson?

The same format as a 1-on-1 lesson (our bread and butter), but with 2 or more students in the room… The students are learning the in’s and out’s of a particular instrument, learning songs, developing their personal rudimentary playing/singing skills, at whatever level they’re at.

What’s so wrong with a group lesson?

  • It sucks for most students: Only one student is receiving max value in a group lesson- the most beginner player. This student is benefitting from not only the instructor’s direction and feedback, but also the example of the student(s) further along in their study. Every other student is then left to wait on the progress of the one slower/newer learner, and well… I think that’s crap. We believe every student benefits best from 1-on-1 personalized instruction.
  • It’s not our style: While some studios + schools are all about group lessons because of the amount of money they can make off several students in a short time frame, it’s not the best value for the student. One of our core values at Music Junkie is “Take the best care of your clients and the pennies will follow.” We put our students first. We believe in serving up the absolute best product and service, and letting the finances naturally reflect that value.

How is the Music Junkie Masterclass different?

The Masterclasses will help to serve our students in ways that compliment their individual learning, not replace it. We won’t be holding masterclasses on specific instrument pedagogy, playing skills, or specific technique as it relates to an instrument. They’ll be on topics that serve GROUPS only.

We’re bringing you community! We’re holding space for our students to build friendships with their Music Junkie family, collaborate with one another, and have hands-on, guided, magical, musical group experiences! These Master Classes are going to be full immersions in to topics that we know our students are craving development in. We’re taking these groups in DEEP to transform their understanding and experiences, with the support of the other Masterclass attendees!

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

Each Masterclass series will go on for 4 weeks on Fridays or Sundays.

Our top-notch instructor(s) will lead a tight group of students through an amazing transformation over the course of the 4 weeks, building on the concepts each week.

You’ll get the full immersion experience it requires to grow in to the skills and understanding you desire- plus it’s crazy FUN!

Music Junkie Masterclasses are for ANYONE who’s ready to level up in music, so bring your bestie! The more the merrier.

The inaugural Music Junkie Masterclass Series – on Collaborative Performance- will begin Friday, March 27 and run through Friday, April 17.

MJS Instructors Matt Mabe and Ray Osborn will be presenting!

Topics will include:

  • The benefits of collaborative playing
  • Elements of collaboration- important factors you must consider when singing or playing with others
  • How to achieve the BEST balance of sounds/volumes/instruments for your ideal sound and genre
  • How to communicate effectively to form and function within a music group
  • Jamming vs. structured play
  • Critical listening
  • Form, structure, and balance of collaborative playing
  • Recording
  • Live collaborations with spot coaching
We’re taking pre-sale signups NOW!!

Presale is only $150! The prices will be going UP soon, so grab your spot now to save some bucks AND grab some amazing bonuses! The first 10 presale commits will get:

  • A 1-on-1 lesson with Matt or Ray
  • Free custom Music Junkie Merch Bag
  • VIP close-up opportunities throughout the Masterclass
  • First dibs for the next Masterclass series AT THE SAME DISCOUNTED RATE

Call or email us now to grab your Pre-Sale admission + bonuses for our first ever Music Junkie Master Class on Collaborative Performance!


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