The MJS Difference

We know you care about how much we know, but we also want you to know how much we care.

One of the biggest differences in our studio and the other guys is that our people actually care for you and your students. 

Let’s talk about makeup lessons. At other studios, if you miss a lesson, you either lose the lesson full stop, or you get put into a makeup class on a set day and time – there’s rarely any flexibility there. The makeup lesson is typically a group of several students, all who take lessons on different instruments. The instructor is not typically your own assigned instructor. All of this means that you don’t get the same value of lesson as what you missed and what you paid for. It’s transactional. And it happens because it’s cheaper to throw you in a makeup class than to actually compensate your actual teachers for the additional time.

At MJS, when a student misses a lesson, their makeup lesson is the exact same as the lesson they missed – with same instructor that they have a relationship with, still learning on their instrument, and not put into some pointless group of a ton of students having a rhythm or music theory lesson just because they’re filling a time slot owed. We value people over profits.

At MJS, you get what you pay for – and more. We offer loads of free (and original!) educational resources in the Resource Vault on our website and on our social media. We’re constantly creating new resources, putting them into the vault, and sharing them with students. These aren’t something you pay extra for, either. These valuable resources contain knowledge straight from our MJS instructors’ brains put onto paper in an accessible format online for you. 

One of our favorite benefits is performances! Under normal circumstances, we offer four free performances a year. Yes, you read that right: FOUR. This is more than double what any of our competitors offer. Some offer two performances and some offer none – you have to pay teach time to watch your student perform what you’ve already paid to have them learn. Because of COVID, we’ve had to pivot a little with dates this year, but once that was ironed out, we made it our top priority to deliver an awesome virtual performance experience and we are delivering four free performance opportunities for our students- even in this crazy year.

We want you to know that we actually care about you, so our policies reflect care, not cash. MJS policies are the most generous with the amount of time that our students have to cancel their lessons in order to qualify for makeup lessons. At most every studio, you must give 24 – 48 hours notice to receive any kind of makeup lesson. At MJS, we know that life happens and you don’t usually know 24-48 hours ahead of time if your child will come home sick from school. Our requirement is only 2 hours. This gives you plenty of opportunity to cancel, especially if your child is sick. Our policies are built around the fact that we care for your health, not around how much money we could make.

There’s so much that happens totally behind the scenes. One thing we don’t talk about too often is our weekly studio-wide meeting where we meet every Tuesday afternoon to celebrate who you are as individuals, we discuss your progress, and talk about how we can keep lessons fun and exciting and we mastermind the absolute best ways to help you succeed. We use this info to track what is working and what isn’t, enabling us to zero in on your unique needs.

All our lessons are 110% customized to who our students are, what they need to succeed and what their goals are. We don’t have a cookie cutter program or a one-size-fits-all system. Our competitors have a ladder style curriculum that celebrates students’ ability to blend in and conform. We want to celebrate our students’ ability to be their authentic and true selves and to work on goals they set for themselves with help from their instructors instead of ambiguous goals set for them by some cookie cutter system. We’re not trying to see how many students we can crank out of the machine.

We have the MJS Level Up Leaderboard in which every student sets 3 goals for themselves and we work consistently on accomplishing those goals. Once they accomplish the 3 goals, they’ve “leveled up” and we set 3 new goals! When a student “levels up,” they’ll have several different ways of being recognized. We celebrate them publicly on social media, they receive a custom certificate, and get their name on the leaderboard displayed in the lobby of our studio. We’re actually working for what YOUR goals are. We’re not giving you a yellow wristband for learning steps 1,2,3 and then orange for learning steps 4,5,6, then red for moving through 7,8,9, etc until you’re fully cranked through the system. That’s not how we operate.

We have the best team – they are really, truly like unicorns. Our instructors are not only the most qualified on paper, but every single staff member has a 4-year degree in an arts or music category. Our instructors have experience in the actual worlds of music, performance, teaching, and learning. Our teachers are actually out in the world performing and working in music. Every single one of our teachers come to MJS experienced in teaching and the whole time they’re at the studio, they’re mentored by the owner, Kristi Judd. Every single instructor is still developing as a human and musician. One of our company values is lifelong learning – not just for students, but also management and instructors. We are all constantly learning and sharing with each other. Our instructors are also the most wonderful humans who actually care to build relationships with you to make lasting differences in your lives. They’re building real connections and getting to know you.

Our staff are active members of your local community, too. Our motto is: In the community, for the community. We’re not just pigeonholed in our own corner of the world – we’re out there with you. We ARE you. We’re your community, friends, and neighbors. That means we’re really, truly invested in what happens in and with the community because it’s us.

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