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It’s a messy time for schooling at the moment. At MJS, we don’t want students missing out on the vital outlet and valuable education the arts offer. Luckily, we have the unique experience of teaching music online for several months already, since we have been offering virtual instruction options for our students since March.

Actively combining 1-on-1 instruction and group labs every week, we have the ability to drastically limit class size to ensure healthy and quality instruction, along with the benefit of socialization for the sake of musical collaboration.

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Music for Littles

Parents often ask, “What age should my child be before they begin private lessons?” The answer isn’t an easy one since every child is different and each instrument has unique challenges. For this reason, we offer a special music experience designed for children age 2-5. This is a great first step into private music instruction as it allows your child to explore their interests while learning valuable musical concepts that grow in complexity as your child grows. When the time comes, seamless and painless transition into traditional private lessons can occur.

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Audition Prep

Planning to audition for FWAFA, TeSA, or something else? We’ve got the experience it takes to thoughtfully and effectively guide young hopefuls through the in’s and out’s of what can be a stressful experience. We make sure every student has the tools to fully prepare for their audition.

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