Music for Littles

Each session is dedicated one-on-one time with an instructor, lasting 30 minutes. The lesson time is broken down into several short activities that teach valuable musical concepts that grow in complexity as your child grows. 

Music for Littles is all about  incorporation of activities that teach and develop these concepts

  • Welcome Song or Activity
  • High / Low
  • Long / Short
  • Fast / Slow
  • Loud / Soft
  • Basic Rhythm Notation
  • Beginner Melodies
  • Intro to Instruments
  • Memorization

Pricing & Details

Music For Littles Flat Rate Tuition $147 per month

Students receive one half hour lesson every week. Usually, students receive 4 lessons, but on months where student lesson days fall 5 times in one calendar mont, students get an extra lesson. There is no tuition increase on these months.

We provide several ways for you to observe the lesson – there are windows on every lesson room door that you’re welcome to view through. We also have the capability of video calling so you can see, hear, and engage that way!

Parents are always welcome in the lessons, although we have found that often times it helps the kids to know where to focus if a parent doesn’t stay in the room as children’s natural tendency is to look to mom or dad first for engagement and reassurance.

Give us a call 817.919.0761 or Message us here to get started with Music for Littles.