Learn Solo + Grow Together with Combo

Build confidence, develop social bonds, and improve collaborative skills.

Combo is the best of both worlds > a half-hour private music lesson + a full-hour group practice session every week! We created Combo to deliver the most accessible and schedule-friendly collaborative music experience for our students.

What It’s Not

It’s important to note that the group practice portion of Combo is not a “group lesson” in the traditional sense. You see, at Music Junkie Studios, we don’t believe in teaching several students the same fundamentals related to an instrument during group sessions. We understand that each student has unique learning styles, needs, and speeds. So it’s just absolutely false that traditional group lessons provide each student with equal educational value as a 1-on-1. (Of course, there’s way higher profit margins for group lessons, it’s a popular offering at other studios.) You won’t see it at MJS.

What It Is

Combo is a fantastic upgrade from private lessons alone. You will not only receive one-on-one attention from our expert instructors but also get to practice and play music with their Music Junkie peers. This creates an exciting and supportive environment where your child can learn from others, build confidence, and develop social bonds.

That’s why we designed the group sessions to focus on collaborative skills (songwriting, playing together, jamming, harmonies, balance, performance skills, etc) while addressing individual skill-building predominantly in the private lessons.

In the 1-on-1s, MJS instructors tailor each student’s learning experience to fit their individual needs. So rest assured, with Combo, you’ll receive the personalized attention you need as well as the inspiration & creative play time you crave to reach your full musical potential.

Family Friendly Format

At Music Junkie Studios, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible musical education and the creative customization and flexibility you deserve.

We understand that modern families need flexibility, which is why we designed Combo to be a month-to-month commitment, just like our regular lessons. Plus, we’ll work with each Combo to schedule your Combo group practice day, so you can find a time that works for everyone. And if you need to move your lesson day or Combo day (as long as all group members agree), you can do so anytime! There’s no limit on how often you can rearrange your schedule.

Endless Possibilities

Combo works to accommodate even the most unique ensemble scenarios – pretty much anything you can imagine! Whether you want to form a classical ensemble, rock band, songwriting duo, jazz group, family band, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered in Combo.

And Combo isn’t just for children! We also offer the program to adults, including parent-child pairings. This is a fantastic opportunity to bond with your child(ren) over a shared interest in music and support each other as you progress on your musical journey.

Combo is family-friendly: available for both children and adults, with flexible scheduling options.

Is It a Good Fit?

Not sure if Combo would be a great fit for your student? Our instructors will be more than happy to share with you their honest professional opinion!

We know that there’s not a single program in this world that’s a perfect fit for everyone. As a matter of fact – at MJS, we’ve got a rule: never EVER suck the fun out of music. That means you can trust that we take care when plugging you into programs where you can find success, growth, and most importantly, fun!


  • Every student will have their own private 1-on-1 lesson. This is scheduled based on the availability of the independent student and their assigned instructor. Your instructor will stay the same. You’ll have a private lesson every week on the same day and time. Example: Wednesdays 4 – 4:30 pm
  • Combo sessions are scheduled based on the shared availability of the combo members and an MJS instructor qualified in the specific combination of instruments present in your combo. The combo session instructor may or may not be your child’s private lesson instructor, but will be a qualified, experienced member of the MJS teaching staff. Your combo instructor will stay the same. Every week, you’ll have Combo on the same day and time. Example: Saturdays 1 – 2 pm

Combo is available for the same price as our private full-hour lessons:

$327/month *Family discounts available

That’s a combined total of 6 hours of music fun every month! Now your family can enjoy the benefits of private lessons and group practice without breaking the bank 🥳

*SAVE $28.50 PER PERSON when 2 family members sign up. SAVE $34 PER PERSON when 3 or more family members sign up!

“I like getting better at what we are working on together! I have fun making music with my friends.”

– Olive
Combo scenarios

Combo Exclusives

We’ve packed this program with the absolute MOST value possible. Here are a few opportunities available to Combo members ONLY:

1. Special Performance Opportunities

Mark your calendars for December 2-3, 2023 and get ready to light up Ryan Place with your musical talents! This December, we’re partnering with the historic Ryan Place neighborhood to offer super special performances throughout Candlelight Christmas, the annual Tour of Homes event.

As a Combo student, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your musical talents alongside fellow musicians and perform for live audiences at one of Fort Worth’s most beloved holiday events. This is an incredible chance to gain valuable performance experience, build your confidence, and share your love of music with the community!

But that’s not all – your participation will also support the Ryan Place neighborhood’s historic preservation, infrastructure, and fellowship initiatives. By performing at Candlelight Christmas, you’ll be making a real positive impact in the lives of those who call this neighborhood home.

2. Combo JAMS 🤘

These exclusive events, available only to students enrolled in Combo, give you the opportunity to jam with other musicians in the studio and gain additional Combo time.

Combo Jams are more than just a fun way to spend an evening – they’re also an opportunity to grow as a musician and make the most of your Combo experience. Not only can the additional time serve as a make-up for missed sessions, but it can also introduce you to other students and help you build connections within the community. Plus, the creative energy of the jam session can help stretch your skillset, give you new ideas, and spark your creativity in ways you never thought possible. Whether you’re looking to improve your chops, connect with fellow musicians, or simply have a great time, Combo Jams are not to be missed!

Sounds awesome, I know! So why wait? Sign up for Combo today and start enjoying all the benefits that come with being a part of this incredible community.

“The best part is getting to play with new people- even people you don’t know already!”

– Brynn

Earlybird Bonuses

The first round of Combo signups will unlock FREE access to these awesome bonuses!

1- The Combo Planner

Introducing The Combo Planner – the ultimate tool for musicians and bands looking to stay organized, set goals, and track progress. Designed by yours truly, this planner is the perfect companion for your Combo.

The Combo Planner features a variety of pages and templates to help you streamline your creative process. Organize your thoughts and ideas with ease using our goal setting and tracking pages, and stay on top of your schedule with our planning templates. Collaborate more efficiently than ever before with our specially designed songwriting and parts planning pages.

The Combo Planner is the perfect way to keep your creative process organized and productive. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to supercharge your creativity and take your music to the next level. Sign up for Combo at Music Junkie Studios from the waitlist and get your FREE Combo Planner while supplies last!

2- The coveted Music Junkie Cup + lid & straw

Image gallery image

This colorful, versatile pint glass is as flexible in shape as it is in utility. It insulates both hot and cold beverages, and the 100% silicone material will not break, crack, chip, fade or scratch. It’s the perfect companion for indoor and outdoor hydration! 

The lid fits snugly and securely to reduce leaks and spills. Plus, keep out dirt and bugs when you’re outdoors. Built into the lid is a convenient straw hole & push/pull tab to assist with spill-resistance. 

  • 100% silicone
  • Will not melt if placed near ovens or grills
  • Insulates hot and cold
  • The silicone material will not break, crack, chip, fade or scratch
  • Sturdy enough to hold liquids, flexible enough to carry in your pocket
  • The reusable cup helps reduce waste

“For me, the best part is the final product… I love how the music sounds when all the pieces come together.”

– Mackenzie

Combo is available for the same price as our private full-hour lessons:

$327/month *Family discounts available

That’s a combined total of 6 hours of music fun every month! Now your family can enjoy the benefits of private lessons and group practice without breaking the bank 🥳

*SAVE $28.50 PER PERSON when 2 family members sign up. SAVE $34 PER PERSON when 3 or more family members sign up!

So what are you waiting for?

Apply now

to experience the joy and excitement of collaborative music-making!

Use this one if you’re signing up with your group already decided 👇

We’ll introduce you to your new music BFFs 👇


Is there an age requirement?

Combo is all about saying YES to just about anything you can dream up! So rather than a strict age requirement, we’ll consider the development stage of each Combo applicant within their desired Combo scenario.

Keep in mind: All Combo members will have a solo lesson paired with the group practice, so all members must be able to
1: focus on a dedicated instrument for a full half-hour lesson and
2: be able to contribute to and gain value from their Combo group time.

If you can find success with 👆 these two things, you can do Combo!

How long are the lessons?

Combo is a combination of two things 🤓 – a solo lesson and a group practice session.

The 1-on-1 lesson is 30 minutes and is focused on personalized skill building on their instrument.

Practice with the Combo group is a full hour and is focused on creative collaboration skills.

What about adults?

Adults can absolutely enjoy Combo! Here are just a few scenarios that we’re excited about:
– Adult Combo: an adults-only practice group.
– Family Combo: we’re picturing the coolest parent-child duos, family bands, and mixed-generation music!
– Combo for Couples: spice up your relationship with a weekly music date. Nothing brings people closer than music!

What time is it offered?

One of the best perks of Combo is that we’ll work WITH YOU to schedule your 1-on-1 lessons and group sessions.

Whatever works for you, we’ll do our best to accommodate. Combo runs year-round.

What’s the Student-to-Teacher ratio?

For Combo sessions of 2 – 3, there will be one instructor.

For Combo sessions of 4 or more , there will be two instructors.

All solo lessons are 1-on-1.

Is there a limit to the Combo group sizes?

One of the great things about Combo is having the freedom to decide how many friends you want to practice and grow with! Of course, we’ll offer our professional opinion and recommend a change if the group seems to grow so large that the actual value to the students starts to decrease.

What Instructor(s) will we have?

Combo session Instructors will be assigned based on the instruments in that Combo and calendar availability. 1-on-1 lesson Instructors are assigned based on their professional instrument specialties.

Current students’ 1-on-1 lesson instructors won’t change unless requested.

We will do our best to accommodate requests for specific Combo session instructors, but this isn’t guaranteed.

What if I don’t already have a group of friends to join Combo with?

That’s fine! In fact, we’re super excited to introduce you to your new music BFFs 🤩.

Once we’ve got a group of applicants that we know will complement each other, we’ll make an introduction.

All you need to do is apply – we’ll do the heavy lifting. There’s a specific form for you to fill out 🙂

What Instruments can we play in Combo?

Short answer: Fill out the application and we’ll let you know if there’s anything we should discuss!

Longer answer: Right now, we offer 1-on-1 lessons on voice, piano, violin, viola, drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, songwriting, home recording, and music theory. All of these will definitely work in a Combo context. If you don’t see your instrument listed, please apply anyway! There are possible solutions and we LOVE a good puzzle.

What about make-up lessons?

1-on-1 lesson makeups will function exactly as they have.

Make-up sessions are not available for group activities. It is possible, however, to permanently move your group Combo session (for all members) as often as you need.

*Combo students will also receive exclusive invitations to Combo Jams at the studio. This is an awesome opportunity to gain additional Combo time!

At what skill level can we sign up for Combo?

Combo is for all skill levels, beginner to expert!

To learn about the benefits of playing music with others across skill levels, we invite you to check out this blog.

How much is the investment for Combo?

$327 per month. *Family discounts available!

*SAVE $28.50 PER PERSON when 2 family members sign up.

*SAVE $34 PER PERSON when 3 or more family members sign up!

What are the discontinuation terms?

We make it easy at MJS because we believe that if we make it easy to step away when you need to, you’re that much more likely to come back when you can! You’ll never be held to any unreasonable discontinuation terms like 15 or 30 day withdrawal notice.

Written notice of discontinuation must be given on or before the last open office day of the month in order to avoid a non-refundable charge to your account (email is OK). Refunds are not available for discontinuation within a given enrollment term (which is month-to-month).

With prior arrangement (before the 1st of the month when billing occurs) we are happy to honor discounted tuition through a partial month for our Monthly students.

What opportunities are there for performance?

There will be loads of performance opportunities! To name a few:

  • Combos are welcome (encouraged!) to perform at our 4 yearly MJS Concerts. This year, we’ve added something new and special for Combo: You’ll get to perform at Candlelight Christmas- the annual Ryan Place Tour of Homes!
  • Combo Jams – these are exclusive opportunities for Combo members to meet up with other combos and play together/ for each other!

“The best part is the sounds I get to make. It’s completely different (A LOT BETTER) when you’re contributing to a bigger sound. I really like the sounds I make when I play with other people.”

– Ethan

So what are you waiting for?

Apply now

Use this one if you’re signing up with your group already decided 👇

We’ll introduce you to your new music BFFs 👇

Combo is available for the same price as our private full-hour lessons:

$327/month *Family discounts available

That’s a combined total of 6 hours of music fun every month! Now your family can enjoy the benefits of private lessons and group practice without breaking the bank 🥳

*SAVE $28.50 PER PERSON when 2 family members sign up. SAVE $34 PER PERSON when 3 or more family members sign up!