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The tools in this area are all 100% crafted and designed by Music Junkie Instructor Staff, built specifically to aid you through your music lessons, helping you to get the absolute most out of your time with us.

We’re always adding to the vault, so please let us know if we can create something to help you in any way!

Get Set

Recommended Products – Check out our Music Junkie Buy Guide for a list of several products we recommend. You’ll find our favorite instruments, gear, apps, and accessories!


Music Junkie Student Circle on Slack – Make sure you’re a part of our student community on Slack for an enhanced community experience! This is the easiest space to contact us, ask questions, handle scheduling, network with other students, or anything else!


How to Inspire Your Child to Unplug and Practice – This course was written by MJS founder Kristi Judd and can be used to find creative ways to inspire your child to find the joys of music practice 🙂 .

10 Things You Can Do While Stuck At Home

Finger Number Rings – Use this printable to aid you in your beginner music study by printing, cutting, and taping the rings to the size of your fingers!

Beginner Piano Hand Chart – Use this chart to quickly and easily remind beginner piano players of their finger numbers.

Pitch Matching – Use this guide to help walk you step-by-step through using your voice to match pitch effectively.

Planning & Tracking

Habit Tracker – Use this printable tracker to help you keep track of successful habit forming. This beauty of this particular design is that it enables you to list specific habits than simply “practice.” You can write really specific things you’d like to create a habit of, for example: “Put my lesson materials together on the piano after my lesson.” …or perhaps “Tune before practice every day.”… or even “Write in my lesson journal at the end of practice.”

Time Management Worksheet – Use this worksheet to help you find the open space in your weekly schedule for practice (or anything else you should need to find some time for.)

Mindset & Health

How to Cope with Performance Anxiety – Use this guide as a resource for calming anxious nerves. The topic is around performance anxiety, but honestly these coping methods work for just about anything!

Kristi’s Golden Tea – Use this yummy tea recipe (that Kristi invented!) to help your throat recover from sinus symptoms, a cold, laryngitis, etc. You’ll feel better in no time.


Color the MJS Logo – Love to color?? We do! See how creative you can get with the MJS logo!

Sweet Beets – Watch, sing, and play along to this video where fruits and veggies teach us about basic rhythm! (ages 2-6)

Recording & Production Resources


Podcast Launch Checklist