Cody, guitar + piano

Cody Whaley is guitar player, musician and music producer from Burleson, TX.  He grew up in a large household where playing music took a central role in is life. His mother is a pianist, composer, and music teacher. Playing music was pretty much a requirement in his family. After dabbling in various other instruments, Cody finally found that his passion lay with the guitar. He began his musical journey by studying classical guitar with Dan Word, before turning to learning rock and acoustic. Cody continued with classical, and also flamenco, guitar during his time at Tarrant County Community College and studied guitar with professor Michael Morey. He then went on to the Jazz program at The University Of Texas At Arlington, where he studied under professor Sam Walker. Cody graduated Summa cum laude from UTA in 2017 with his Bachelors in Music with a Minor in Business.

Cody has played in numerous classical performances, performed with various Jazz groups, and continues to play at his church.  While at school, Cody was also involved in the recording program. Where he learned how to record, edit, and produce his own music. He loves anything to do with music, and is constantly trying to learn new things about guitar and music in general. Cody shares his passion of learning music and guitar with his students, and encourages them to always be open to new musical experiences.