Kristi, owner + voice + piano

Kristi Judd

Kristi Judd is an award-winning musical professional with a specialty in music education. Her expertise and enthusiasm have inspired countless students to stride toward their musical goals with confidence, and her entrepreneurial spirit is a muse of excellence for musicians worldwide.

Kristi began her career by joining the student body of Clayton State University, endorsed by the Spivey Hall Music Scholarship and supported by renowned musical educators.

After intensive study of classical and contemporary music, as well as voice and piano, Kristi moved on to teaching others. Beginning work as a Worship Leader and Children’s Choir Director in her local church, she soon branched out into formal instruction at the Georgia Academy of Dance and the Performing Arts. As her unique teaching abilities became more well-known, Kristi also instructed via online music academies and at Musicology, a private studio located in Atlanta, Georgia.

In time, however, Kristi realized she wanted to do more. As the Sole Founder and CEO of Music Junkie Studios, she set out to create an environment where music could become more than a skill. She wanted every song to feel like an extension of the performer: a mosaic of creativity built on a foundation of vital music education fundamentals.

Since Music Junkie’s founding in 2015, Kristi and her team have achieved this and much more. From the play-based enrichment of Early Childhood music classes to the inspiring structure of formal music instruction, students have been able to explore their love of music no matter their age or skill level. In fact, many Music Junkie students have gone on to achieve scholarships of their own; placements in exclusive Fine Arts academies; awards and honors; and industry-wide recognition for their dedication and skill.

Under her creative leadership, Music Junkie Studios continues to achieve and encourage distinction in every endeavor. Kristi and her elite team of educators dedicate themselves to not only providing superior musical instruction, but creating an enriching environment based on the companywide ethos: A Culture of Kindness.

According to Kristi’s philosophy, music is not just an addition to daily activities. Rather, it is an irreplaceable part of life itself. Among her tried-and-true teaching methods, Kristi has also utilized her own ingenuity and education to develop immersive programs, incorporating music into play, movement, exercise, and other branches of fine arts.

In addition to the exemplary education programs, Kristi also wanted to create an ideal recording atmosphere, open to a variety of professional, academic, and personal needs. With top-quality recording equipment set in a uniquely comfortable environment, artists, entrepreneurs, and families can build their audio in a peaceful space, supported by top Audio Technicians.

Whatever mission brings you to Music Junkie Studios, once here, you are sure to receive the support you need, the education you admire, and the encouragement necessary to get you to your future, and beyond. Our innovative approach is based on the original aspirations of Kristi herself, as she set out to bring more music to her students—and the world.

A Note From Kristi:

I customize my work around each student’s unique goals and personal needs, paying special attention to develop each of these concepts, as applicable:

  • aural skills
  • music theory
  • body-appropriate vocal coordination
  • correct piano performance technique
  • skilled breath management
  • tone quality
  • sight reading ability
  • text painting
  • improvisation
  • body posture
  • artistry
  • diction
  • audition best practices
  • memorization
  • character development
  • performance techniques such as anxiety management, performance etiquette, & stage presence.

My students boast many awards and accomplishments including full music scholarships to universities of their choosing, acceptance to exclusive Fine Arts academies, top placement in talent competitions, placement in honors ensembles, superior ratings across the board from independent groups and solo festival competitions.