Summer Camp

Summer Showcase

9:00am – 2:30pm Monday Jul 24 – Friday Jul 28, 2023

Summer Showcase is our freshest take on summer camp for Ages 8 +. Campers will have hands-on, engaging experiences. Rather than lecturing, or singing songs at the kids, all of the campers will learn to make their own music, starting the very first day. 

Through their music-making, we’ll reinforce the fundamentals of composition, songwriting, music theory and music production. We’ll work together in small groups to build a song from scratch. Every sound in the completed song will be made by the students. There are hands-on learning opportunities in songwriting, recording, sound production, and more!

Work together to: Record clapping, and playing percussion to a steady beat, Record playing melodic instruments, Record singing, Edit and produce these recordings on the spot to produce a cohesive song. 

At the end of camp, students will showcase their completed original recordings for parents and friends!

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