The Buy Guide – Violins

For purchasing: Young Musicians Inc.

 Young Musicians Inc. 5901 Park Vista Cir Suite 111, Fort Worth, TX 76244

 (817) 741-3838

for renting: Music & Arts

Music & Arts 2301 Porter Creek Dr Suite 219 Tehama Ridge Towne Square Fort Worth, TX 76177

(817) 306-4554

* Beginners should make violin purchases and rentals in person because:

  1. Proper Sizing: It allows for accurate sizing to ensure a comfortable and ergonomically correct fit.
  2. Setup and Maintenance: In-person purchases normally include setup services and access to local support for maintenance and adjustments.
  3. Expert Guidance: Music store staff can offer valuable advice and any necessary explanations, helping beginners choose an appropriate instrument and quality accessories.
  4. Trial and Comfort: Trying out violins in person helps beginners find a violin that feels comfortable and encourages practice.

Overall, the hands-on experience minimizes the risk of getting an ill-fitting or poor-quality instrument, which can hinder the learning process for beginners.