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“The best part is the sounds I get to make. It’s completely different (A LOT BETTER) when you’re contributing to a bigger sound. I really like the sounds I make.”Ethan

We’re combining one-on-one instruction with group rehearsals and live performances, creating more well-rounded musicians who feel confident playing with other musicians as a band.

As a BANDS member, you will meet weekly as a group with your Band Leaders who will coach you through the ins and outs of successful collaboration with other musicians.

You’ll learn how to integrate your membersstrengths to create a balanced, powerful sound.

Each BANDS program is a semester-long (4 month) commitment.

You’ll continue your 1-on-1 weekly lessons, meet for group rehearsals once a week with your BAND, and end the semester with a bang at your debut BANDS performance!

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Students get

  • Their 1-on-1 Music Lessons every week
  • 1.5 hour BAND Rehearsal every week
  • Special performance opportunities

BANDS are a great option for you if…

You are eight years old or older

You’re interested in learning to work as a team

You enjoy learning from observing the experiences of others

You can commit to a full semester of engaged participation

You crave musical community

Performance is an exciting motivator for you

You treat your belongings and the belongings of others with care and respect

You’re ready to play full out and up your game with your friends

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BANDS might not be the best fit for you if…

You are not yet eight years old

You prefer solo study

It is a challenge for you to stay engaged mentally while others are the focus

You cannot be sure of your commitment to a full semester of engaged participation

Loud noises and groups aren’t your cup of tea

You experience severe performance anxiety

You’re still learning how to handle expensive and or important items with care

An individually customized pace is your comfort zone

If this section describes you, we recommend you consider enrolling in our 1-on-1 Lessons option.

“For me, the best part is the final product… I love how the music sounds when all the pieces come together.”




This semester runs from FEBRUARY 1 – MAY 17

You will perform at our MJS Spring performance in May. Exact Date & Location TBA.

We will NOT meet during Spring Break week (Wednesday, March 15)

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Regular Pricing

BANDS + Half Hour Lessons

Pay in Full to SAVE: $1727.

**Payment Plan Option: $457/mo for 4 months

BANDS + Full Hour Lessons

Pay in Full to SAVE: $2327.

**Payment Plan Option: $617/mo for 4 months

MJS Member pricing

That’s actually classified information 🔒😎 Music Junkie Members, please check your emails to view your MJS MEMBERS ONLY PRICING. If you don’t see the email, please let us know and we’ll send the info ASAP.

*MJS Members are student enrolled in our 6 Month Membership. Enrollment opens only twice per year. **The next round will launch on Monday, Feb 13 and Membership starts on Mar 1.

BANDS Founders (returning students)

We believe in honoring your commitment and trust in our business.

That’s why at MJS, Founding Members get PERKS!

PERK #1: As a FOUNDING MEMBER of BANDS, you get to KEEP your original enrollment rate for as long as you maintain active participation 🥳.

PERK #2: While there are limited spots, as long as you re-apply in time, yours is locked in 🔒🤘😎!

PERK #3: You get a custom BANDS T-SHIRT

All BANDS students commit for the full semester. Tuition is nonrefundable.

“The best part of BANDS is getting to play with new people- even people you don’t know already!”


Are YOU ready to take your music to the next level by playing with your friends?

Awesome. We cannot wait to see you at the kickoff rehearsal!

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