The Secret Ingredient

Not too long ago I observed a conversation online between this businesswoman and her followers... she’s from the UK and recently moved to the states. She was talking about this specific paint she had on her walks back home across the pond and how much trouble she was having recreating the same look here in [...]


Just in time for your holiday shopping frenzy, Music Junkie Studios presents: THE HOLIDAY BUY GUIDE - the ultimate gift resource for the musicians on your list! The MJS instructor team have been busy little elves collecting their favorite musical toys, apps, and gear. That's right- we have firsthand experience with everything in this guide. [...]


One of our core values at Music Junkie Studios life-long learning. One way to illustrate this concept is to imagine ourselves as bodies of water. We want to be running streams- full of energy, active, clean, always refilling from upstream and providing to the creeks downstream. What do we mean by that? If we’re constantly [...]

The MJS Difference

We know you care about how much we know, but we also want you to know how much we care. One of the biggest differences in our studio and the other guys is that our people actually care for you and your students.  Let’s talk about makeup lessons. At other studios, if you miss a [...]