Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential Through Music

As parents, we want to give our children the best start in life that we possibly can. We want them to be good citizens who care about the world around them; kind, compassionate people who work together with others and make positive contributions to society; confident individuals equipped to deal with whatever life throws at them, and hopefully with enough grit to get back up when they fall. It is no surprise that music education can help your child grow in many ways and Music lessons are more than just a way to keep your children entertained and busy; they can also help to foster invaluable skills that will last a lifetime. Why is this so? Let’s explore how music lessons can help your child become a better citizen- with healthy habits, kindness, compassion, grit, and confidence.

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Help Your Child Find Time & Motivation to Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill, such as playing a musical instrument, can be incredibly rewarding for your child. Not only will it help them develop coordination, confidence, and creativity – but giving your child the opportunity to learn and grow in this way could also open up a world of opportunities in the future. However, finding the time and motivation to learn such a skill can be a struggle for kids. Here are some tips on how you can make learning part of your daily routine, helping your child find the time and motivation to learn a new skill.

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The Engaged Parent – A Music Student’s #1 Best Asset

Practice can feel like a problem. Yea, I said it! This blog is going to give you loads of easy, practical.. (did I mention easy??) ways to step into the role of Engaged Parent and smooth out the practice experience for your music student and yourself. Keep reading to learn how simple it really is to help your student get the absolute best experience with their music. I can tell the stress is melting away already.

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5 Steps of Design Thinking: How We Put Students First

At its core, Design Thinking is a problem-solving process that begins with the needs of the user. Here at Music Junkie Studios, we use Design Thinking to empower our students to take control of their education and create a learning experience that is tailored to their individual needs.  You’ll probably hear us around the studio talking about “Student-Led Customization.” This is just our special music/education word for Design Thinking! Keep reading to learn more about how we use Design Thinking in our school and how you can apply this process to your own life.

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5 Important Tips for the Adult Music Student

Despite being busy, many adults find a lot of value in learning a new instrument! In this blog, I’ll share 5 great tips aimed at helping adults who want to learn an instrument and stick with it long term. Whether you’ve been trying to play for years, or have just recently picked up the instrument, the information in this article will be helpful.

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