Welcome to Music Junkie Studios, where our instructors stand proudly as some of the most accomplished and skilled music educators in the vibrant city of DFW.

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering as we uphold the highest standards, ensuring that each member of our team possesses a Bachelor’s Degree or beyond in an arts-related field, alongside glowing recommendations from their previous teaching endeavors.

With utmost dedication to our students’ well-being and growth, all our staff members have successfully passed comprehensive background checks and continuously engage in training to stay abreast of the latest teaching methodologies and practices.

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Kristi Judd – MJS Founder + Voice Instructor

As the owner of Music Junkie Studios and a passionate musician, Kristi Judd’s accolades in the world of music education are a testament to her unwavering dedication and contagious enthusiasm.

Her inspiring journey has guided countless students toward their musical aspirations, instilling in them the confidence to embrace their creative potential. A true entrepreneur in the field of music, Kristi’s influence extends far beyond her local community, resonating with musicians near and far.

Kristi’s path to success began at Clayton State University, where she received the prestigious Spivey Hall Music Scholarship, under the tutelage of renowned musical educators. Immersed in the study of classical and contemporary music, as well as excelling in voice and piano, Kristi’s passion for teaching others soon blossomed. Her journey as a music educator started as a Worship Leader and Children’s Choir Director in her local church, where her unique teaching abilities became evident. This led to formal instruction at the Georgia Academy of Dance and the Performing Arts, as well as through online music academies and at Musicology, a distinguished private studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

Driven by a desire to make music more than just a skill, Kristi founded Music Junkie Studios in 2015, aiming to create an environment where music could be a profound expression of the performer’s soul, built upon a solid foundation of essential music education principles. Under Kristi’s visionary leadership, Music Junkie Studios has thrived, offering a diverse range of enriching experiences for students of all ages and skill levels. From play-based Early Childhood music classes to structured and inspiring formal instruction, students at Music Junkie have achieved remarkable success. Many have earned scholarships, secured positions in exclusive Fine Arts academies, and garnered awards and recognition for their dedication and skill.

In her pursuit of excellence, Kristi has crafted immersive programs that seamlessly incorporate music into various aspects of life, including play, movement, exercise, and other fine arts disciplines. Moreover, she has created an ideal recording atmosphere within the studios, designed to cater to diverse professional, academic, and personal needs, supported by top-notch Audio Technicians. At Music Junkie Studios, Kristi and her elite team of educators have fostered a culture of kindness, nurturing an environment where students feel valued and encouraged to explore their musical passions fully. Kristi’s teaching philosophy extends beyond traditional methods, as she customizes her approach to suit each student’s unique goals and needs.

Her voice curriculum focuses on cultivating aural skills, music theory, body-appropriate vocal coordination, performance technique, breath management, tone quality, sight-reading ability, text painting, improvisation, body posture, artistry, diction, audition best practices, memorization, character development, and performance techniques. Notably, her students have achieved remarkable accomplishments, from full music scholarships to prestigious universities, acceptance into exclusive Fine Arts academies, top placements in talent competitions, honors ensemble selections, and consistently earning superior ratings in independent group and solo festival competitions.

In Kristi’s words, “Music is not just an addition to daily activities; it is an irreplaceable part of life itself.” Her dedication to excellence, innovation, and creating a nurturing environment has become the foundation of Music Junkie Studios, where aspiring musicians can find the support, education, and encouragement they need to reach their full potential and beyond.

Maria Demus – Lead MJS Instructor

  • Music for Littles
  • Violin
  • Piano
  • Bass Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Music, Movement, & Mindfulness

Maria Demus, a native of DFW, began her musical journey at the tender age of 9 in her hometown of Dallas, where she took up the violin, laying the foundation for her lifelong passion for music. Over the years, her repertoire expanded to include the electric bass, piano, and ukulele, further enhancing her musical prowess. Driven by her dedication to music, Maria pursued higher education in the field and earned a degree in Violin Performance from Texas Tech University. With her graduation, she relocated to Fort Worth, where her exceptional talents as a professional violinist, electric bassist, singer, and songwriter began captivating audiences at local venues across the Metroplex.

Beyond her accomplishments as a performer, Maria’s journey took a transformative turn when she discovered a profound love for teaching through her voluntary involvement with Girls Rock camp, a nonprofit organization in Fort Worth. Embodying the words of an old proverb, “Each one, teach one,” Maria sought to inspire and uplift aspiring musicians, nurturing their talents with her expertise and unwavering encouragement.

Today, Maria proudly holds the position of Lead Instructor at Music Junkie Studios, where she imparts her extensive knowledge to eager students. Additionally, through a formal partnership with Music Junkie Studios and Nanda Yoga in Fort Worth, she serves as the director of Music, Movement, & Mindfulness, ingeniously combining her musical expertise with the principles of mindfulness to create an innovative and comprehensive curriculum.

As an invaluable addition to Music Junkie Studios’ instructor team, Maria adeptly imparts her passion for music onto her students, teaching Music for Littles, piano, violin, ukulele, and bass guitar with unparalleled dedication and flair. Her vibrant spirit and innovative teaching methods continue to spark creativity and inspire the next generation of musicians. Maria weaves together her remarkable talents as a musician, performer, and educator, making a significant impact on the musical landscape of DFW and beyond. Her commitment to sharing the gift of music and fostering a nurturing learning environment truly embodies the spirit of Music Junkie Studios and leaves an indelible mark on all who have the privilege to learn under her tutelage.

Ray Osborn – MJS Instructor

  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Piano
  • Songwriting
  • Music Theory
  • Home Recording

Meet Ray Osborn, a brilliant composer, pianist, and guitarist hailing from right here in Fort Worth, TX. Ray’s musical journey commenced at the young age of 9 when his parents gifted him a guitar for his birthday, igniting a lifelong passion for music. With a natural ear for melodies, he quickly mastered playing his favorite songs by ear, setting the stage for an extraordinary musical voyage. During his formative teenage years, Ray honed his skills in transcribing music, and his creative prowess began to flourish. Even during middle school, he displayed his ingenuity by crafting original music to accompany games designed by his friends, showcasing his boundless creativity and love for composition.

As a piano student at Tarrant County College, Ray’s exceptional talent was recognized and celebrated when he was honored as an Outstanding Music Student, earning him the prestigious Ruth Bost Music Scholarship. Later, he graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelors of Music Composition degree, further enriching his musical knowledge and expertise. During his academic journey, he also earned the distinguished Reel Music Scholarship, a testament to his dedication and skill as a composer. Ray’s musical skills know no bounds, as he has composed captivating music across a wide array of styles and instrumentations, encompassing woodwinds, brass, guitar, strings, piano, voice, and even experimental electronica. His versatility as a musician is further exemplified by his involvement in various musical ensembles during college, including jazz band, choir, and percussion ensemble, further expanding his musical horizons.

Since June 2017, Ray Osborn has been an invaluable member of the Music Junkie Studios team, where he has served as a devoted music mentor to his students. With a passion for nurturing his students’ love for music, he tailors his teaching to align with their unique interests and aspirations. Ray’s profound knowledge and appreciation for diverse musical genres make him the perfect guide for students aiming to learn their favorite pop songs, explore classical piano, delve into compositional techniques and music theory, or venture into any other musical realm.

Ray’s dedication to his students’ musical growth knows no bounds, as he is always eager to help them unlock their full potential and achieve their musical dreams. His rich and varied experience in the world of music serves as a wellspring of inspiration and knowledge for his students, fostering a love for music that transcends all boundaries. With Ray Osborn as their mentor, students at Music Junkie Studios are privileged to be guided by a true musical virtuoso who not only understands the art of composition but also excels in the art of teaching. His unwavering passion for music and devotion to his students truly make him a musical force to be reckoned with in the Fort Worth music community and beyond.

Matt Mabe – MJS Instructor

  • Drums
  • Beginner Guitar
  • Beginner Piano

For two decades, Matt Mabe has been an indelible fixture in the dynamic Fort Worth music scene, making an enduring impact since 2004. His journey as a remarkably talented musician has seen him collaborate with numerous bands, leaving an unforgettable mark on the local music landscape. Dedicating his craft to the art of music, Matt has recorded countless albums with various bands, including his current groundbreaking projects, Vodeo and Polydogs. With each note, he brings soulful depth and mesmerizing rhythm to the forefront, cementing his position as a truly extraordinary artist.

Matt Mabe’s unparalleled artistry has been rightfully acknowledged by the local press, earning him a slew of prestigious awards. A seven-time recipient of the coveted “Best Drummer” award in the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards, his drumming prowess has garnered widespread acclaim and admiration. Additionally, he has been recognized with esteemed titles such as the “MVP Musician” and “Critic’s Choice Local Rockstar” awards, further solidifying his status as a revered musical talent.

Beyond Fort Worth’s borders, Matt’s undeniable talent has captured the attention of the Dallas music community. Nominated three years consecutively for the “Best Drummer” award in the Dallas Observer Music Awards, he has earned a reputation as a musician of exceptional caliber. Infused with unbridled passion and unwavering enthusiasm for music, Matt is now on a mission to ignite the same fire within his students at Music Junkie Studios.

In December 2019, he joined the MJS team as a cherished mentor, determined to share his boundless knowledge and infectious love for music with the next generation of musicians. As an invaluable addition to Music Junkie Studios, Matt brings his stage experience and intimate understanding of musical expression to each lesson. His dynamic teaching style captivates and inspires, instilling a profound appreciation for the art of music in his students. With Matt Mabe as their guide, students at Music Junkie Studios have the privilege of learning from a genuine musical virtuoso whose passion is contagious. His dedication to nurturing the musical aspirations of his students is unmatched, leaving an everlasting impact on their musical journeys.

Matt Mabe’s journey as a celebrated musician has traversed stages and studios alike, and now, he bestows his extraordinary talent upon the eager minds at Music Junkie Studios. His boundless enthusiasm for music continues to shine as he ignites the musical potential of his students, cementing his legacy as a beacon of inspiration in the Fort Worth music community and beyond.