Ultimate Guide: Summer Practice Success

The summer slump, or summer slide, is definitely a real occurrence. According to a New York Times article, the average American student loses about a month's worth of learning each summer. The good news: This waste is preventable. According to the RAND report, good summer programs with individualized instruction, parental involvement and small classes can keep children [...]

Announcing MJS Summer Music Project!

In the Summer Music Project, we will present our students with the chance to experience the making of a robust Music Project from beginning to end.  CLICK HERE to sign up In this project, students ages 8+ will learn how to:  Play an instrument in a band of their peersCreate and record a songWrite skitsEdit [...]

Teaching music is not enough

We learn to sing and play instruments through gradual development, habituation, and integration of a sophisticated collection of skills. I truly believe that the mark of a great teacher is not how quickly they “deliver the concepts,” but how elegantly they help each student lay the groundwork for a stellar, balanced technique and then continue [...]

2019 Reflection + 2020 Vision

Every new year I use this template to reflect on how the previous year went- the highs, lows, and everything in between. I've found that it's not only really therapeutic in helping me to avoid feelings of overwhelm, but it also provides me come clarity for moving forward in mindfulness. Take a moment to consider [...]

MJS Evolution

For the many students who have been with us for some time (especially the Music Junkie Originals who have been with us since day one!!), it's becoming increasingly obvious that there's been some recent reshaping, remolding, growing, and evolving going on in just about every area of our studio. We've added some new amazing faces [...]