How to Pick the Perfect Starter Instrument for Your Child: 3 Factors to Consider

You’ve finally decided to give in to your child’s pleas for music lessons, and you’re eager to get them started on their journey because you know that music is a great way for kids to express themselves and explore their creativity! But before you can start lessons, you need to pick an instrument. You mightContinue reading “How to Pick the Perfect Starter Instrument for Your Child: 3 Factors to Consider”


We’re combining one-on-one instruction with group rehearsals and live performances, creating more well-rounded musicians who feel confident playing with other musicians as a band. Here are a few benefits you’ll see from our BANDS experience: Friendship and Knowledge People who bond over a shared interest often form the strongest bonds. When you join BANDS, you’reContinue reading “BANDS is BACK!”


Just in time for your holiday shopping frenzy, Music Junkie Studios presents: THE HOLIDAY BUY GUIDE – the ultimate gift resource for the musicians on your list! The MJS instructor team have been busy little elves collecting their favorite musical toys, apps, and gear. That’s right- we have firsthand experience with everything in this guide.Continue reading “HOLIDAY BUY GUIDE 2020”


One of our core values at Music Junkie Studios life-long learning (ongoing personal and professional development). One way to illustrate this concept is to imagine ourselves as bodies of water. We want to be running streams- full of energy, active, clean, always refilling from upstream and providing to the creeks downstream. What do we meanContinue reading “Development”

The Art of Showing Up

To let yourself be seen – to show up – even though there’s no guarantee of triumph, is beautifully human and brave. It shows that you are alive, and curious, and willing to participate in all the joys that life has to offer, no matter how vulnerable you have to be to get it. The lie is thinking you’re not good enough to even show up and try.