Tax to Promote the Arts

New Tax to Promote the Arts 

This is great news for the arts! Setting an impressive precedent, Atlanta, Georgia will soon vote on a new tax for funding the arts in the city! We can only hope great cities like Fort Worth, Texas will soon follow suite.

Atlanta, Georgia, known for being the “cultural capital of the Southeast,” is famous for it’s exquisite arts and hip-hop culture. Many people earn a living working in the arts by painting, playing music, or dancing. Atlanta has also become the third-largest TV and film production center in the U.S., and the fifth-largest in the world.

At Mayor Reed’s State of the City address on Feb. 2, he introduced a new initiative to the public in high hopes for his city: a tax fund similar to the one-tenth of a penny arts tax in Denver, Colorado that brings funds to art projects in the city’s metro areas. Reed plans for this tax fund to be a permanent addition in Atlanta. Mayor Reed advocated in favor of the tax partly because, “organizations like the Woodruff Arts Center are thriving, but our small and medium-size groups often struggle. Our young and emerging artists need support.”   Click here to view the original article.


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