Audition Preparation for Aspiring FWAFA & TeSA Students

Embarking on the audition journey for FWAFA, TeSA, or other esteemed institutions can be a daunting task. That’s where our Audition Prep course comes in, drawing on the expertise of instructors who seamlessly shift between performer and judge roles. The unique perspective we offer ensures that each student is equipped not only to prepare thoroughly for auditions but also to navigate the often stressful experience with confidence.

What You’ll Gain:

  1. Proven Success Record:
    Discover a studio with a stellar 100% acceptance rate for students completing the full Audition Prep course for FWAFA or TeSA!! PLUS Many others have achieved remarkable success in endeavors such as joining the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra, making the cast in the Fort Worth Opera, or advancing in America’s Got Talent!
  2. Expert Guidance:
    Our instructors bring a wealth of experience as both educators and performers. Navigating auditions is not just theory for us – it’s a reality we understand intimately, and we’re committed to guiding you through every step.
  3. Tailored Repertoire Selection:
    Uncover the secret to audition success – personalized repertoire selection. We’re here to help you choose pieces that highlight your unique strengths, ensuring you stand out during the audition.
  4. Performance Coaching:
    Taming nervous energy becomes an art form as we teach you expert techniques to leave a lasting, positive impression on decision-makers. Our goal is for you to stand out in all the best ways.
  5. Valuable Insight and Honest Feedback:
    Benefit from the insights of formally educated and experienced instructors who provide constructive feedback. We create a supportive environment, ensuring you leave each session with applicable tools for audition success.
  6. Practice Tools for Success:
    Never again scramble for practice materials. After each session, receive customized audio recordings, written notes, or both to enhance your practice and excel during the audition.

Radical FWAFA & TeSA Audition Results – Hear It From Our Students:

– Sophia R.
– Kristyna M.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Practice Sessions: Two half-hour lessons per week for 8 weeks. 16 sessions total.

Group or Individual: All sessions are 1-on-1, fully customized to the individual student.

In-person or Online: In-person is highly encouraged; virtual sessions are possible, but not ideal for detailed observations.

Focus Areas: We hone in on what audition holders care about – your alignment with the character, ability to evoke emotion, and your suitability to work with.

Investment: $577.00 for a transformative Audition Prep experience.

Next Audition Dates for FWAFA and TeSA: FWAFA & TeSA OPEN ENROLLMENT FOR 2024-2025 BEGINS JANUARY 10. Applications will be available online or in-person during the Open Enrollment period (Wednesday, January 10, 2024 – Monday, February 12, 2024) .

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