10 Crazy Facts Showing the Power of Music

Music is Medically Powerful “We are just starting to understand how powerful music can be. We don’t know what the limits are.” says Michael De Georgia, director of the Center for Music and Medicine at Case Western Reserve University. He leads 1. A team of Canadian researchers found that playing music to preemies reduced theirContinue reading “10 Crazy Facts Showing the Power of Music”

Music Junkie Camp Dates Announced

Music Junkie Camp is just around the corner! This year, we’re offering two week options: June 19-23 and July 17-21. Both camps are Monday through Friday from   9am to 2pm.  For Ages : 4 (potty trained) – 16 years old. (Campers will be split into groups based on age and skill level)   Pricing atContinue reading “Music Junkie Camp Dates Announced”